Together it is more fun and direct ❤️

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Disclaimer: Selling love is prostitution.
Nonduality, not to make money, but to explore and share
the practical abun-dance of beauty and intelligence.

Welcome to!

The end of suffering and seeking.

Non-duality (nd) is the mind-blowing realization and dis-covery that I am not what I think I am; the experience that simple mundane living (and friendship) is a most precious priceless gift.

Waking up from the dream of "me" can be a slow, gentle and gradual process; nurtured and inspired by good company in a loving atmosphere of radical openness. 

It is not about future-happiness, it is not about accumulating much knowledge about "non-duality", it is not about lifelong practices to purify an assumed ego, but to simply discern in myself between conceptualizing and direct experience, to not be intimidated by thoughts and feelings.

In the end it is effortless, beyond simple or complex; but it takes bravery and courage to consider and expose the me-belief.

The sense of separation is 10% faulty thinking and 90% muscle-memory.

Rush or hush?
Wisdom cannot be taught, love cannot be forced. 

The invitation is to be aware of resistance inside of myself, to dis-cover the one aware/invested in likes and dislikes, to shamelessly detect faulty thinking and misconceptions. 

Alone it was impossible for "me", because I was strangely attached to suffering and identity, confused about what I was really looking for!

I don't know

"I don't know" as a portal into peace and clarity, to rest in being, to spend time with the timeless, beyond opposites.

We can forever talk and write books, and it has its place, but where the rubber hits the road is simple daily living. Not isolated in the me-bubble, but vulnerable and open to shamelessly detect and live the difference between the conceptual "me" and the direct reality "I am".

It can seem scary to embrace with our heart what mind cannot understand, to see how we create suffering while detoxing the systems.

On my own it was impossible ❤️

No strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

Please don't just run away into the next excitement, but read this text here again, maybe several times (and send me an email, to simply say hello, to maybe endorse this message, to maybe add yourself to the map).

yOur true nature is always whole and complete, we are just too busy being busy, too busy to really know what we are looking for/at/as

Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.

You cannot "get it" because you are it... all words are only pointers, concessions, concepts.

Don't be afraid: "ask and ye shall receive". 

Risk to show up at the, to enjoy being together for no reason, to relax in Presence, to explore freedom-questions, to clarify challenges and insights, or to simply be silly.

In this approach there are no teachers, only friends; always a win-win.


If Elon can fly to Mars, then we can debunk unhappiness on this marvelous planet.

It Takes A Universe To Make A Sandwich